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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter 5 Blog Post

Extra credit if you respond to the blog of another class member!


  1. I was having trouble with the determinate, like what do you do if you see this on a test? {a b}
    det{c d}

  2. the thing above was supposed to look like a matrix ^^

  3. For the homework Linear Programming-Problem 4 we received 2 nights ago, I was having trouble because I forgot how to find the intersection point of 2 lines. Also, how do I find the Profit Equation?

  4. can you explain how to find X and Y with the matrices? and for marie... you just need to put it into the calculator and then go to menu and find the intersection option, then just click one of the lines near the intersection. sorry if that is confusing!

  5. so i cant post my own thing.. so ill post it here. i dont really understand what the determinant is.. and when you are ment to find it. thanks

  6. How do you find an inequality when given just a graph?

  7. To Megan:
    a determinant is a scale factor or coefficient for measure when the matrix is regarded as a linear transformation.

    The easiest way to find the determinant is with our calculators. all you do is type in "det([your matrix])" . you just type in det and then your matrix. be sure to put parenthesis around your matrix and then you've got your answer.

  8. for the boss, you take the coefficients and put them in a matrix. Put the matrix to the power of -1 and multiply that by the answers of the two equations.
    {2 2, 2 2} squared -1
    times {4 6}= x and y

  9. I have problems understanding how to figure out which option is best to use, the vertex points, or the side points, because I know (0,0) doesn't work. This is Richie.